Mortgage inspection may be required by a bank to secure a mortgage loan. The lender or insurance company will request an inspection of the property. It is a way for them to be sure that the property is the same as described in the legal documents, is worth the amount you wish to secure and is suitable as collateral for your mortgage loan. The report may note which structures are present in your property and where they are located.

Now what is our role in the process?

Our job is to make your job easier.

When it comes to mortgage inspections, I can offer my professional services as an InterNACHI certified home inspector in Georgia. It’s important that the inspection is carried out by an experienced and trained inspector so that the client gets a trustworthy and detailed report. This is why I pay attention to even small details and take caution that no important information is missed.

I always make sure my clients get the inspection report at the earliest so they can move to the next step quickly. Using my detailed inspection report, you can value a real estate property with ease. With True Touch Inspections, you can be assured that the mortgage inspection is in safe hands.

Mortgage inspection is available 7 days a week. Schedule an appointment at a time that suits you.