Drive-by inspection is a quick assessment of a property that is performed to assess a real estate property, generally for landlords of rental property who stay out of town. Drive by inspection service is primarily used by financial institutions such as insurance, mortgage lending and credit card companies in the case of foreclosure.

The ever rising need for foreclosures nationwide has made buyers, both individuals and companies, need inspection documents for mortgage purposes. Hiring reliable inspectors to quickly and inexpensively verify a property before qualifying it is made easy with True Touch Inspections.

Our drive by inspection service includes-

  • Merchant SIte Inspection
  • Occupancy Inspection
  • Disaster Inspection

Property inspection is an important step in the foreclosure process, and only an InterNACHI certified inspector can provide you with accurate insights. It’s important that the inspection is carried out by an experienced and trained inspector so that the client gets a trustworthy and detailed report. This is why I pay attention to even small details and take caution that no important information is missed.

For those quick property assessments in order to initiate the foreclosure process, True Touch Inspections is just a phone call away. Get in touch today to schedule a drive-by inspection anywhere in Georgia.